There Is Something You Didn’t Know About These Bikers, And It’s Saving Lives!

You might think superheroes come from distant planets, but you should know that you can be a hero without lifting cars and flying around.

Here is the story of Karen. 15 people came into her life, and they changed it permanently- hers and her daughters. They are the BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse). These people run a non-profit organization with a main objective of securing the safety of children in their homes as well as their families.

Karen, a great mom, had lived under threats and mistreatment in a largely abusive marriage for many years until she decided to seek help, and these 15 bikers stepped in with speed.

Having gone through abusive situations in their childhood, these bikers now want to ensure that every kid feels safe wherever they ought to be, and they can go as far as camping outside the home or getting the child at the school bus stage to enforce their noble role.

The mom and child are currently under constant support and protection from the abusive dad. Watching this story unfold, it swells my heart with good emotion to witness the fact and belief that no one should ever suffer alone.

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