These 6 Guys Stood In A Church And Stole Everyone’s Heart With This. Watch!

Home Free is one a capella group that’s been known for their energetic performances. These guys are so good that they ended up taking the top spot when they contested in the 4th season of The Sing Off on NBC.  Well, this time around, they’ve more to offer!

You’ll agree that Peter Hollens is one of those guys who sing with their heart in it, and this time, he’s teaming up with Home Free to bring you one of the most astounding performances of an old and mostly popular song. It’s “Amazing Grace,” a song published in 1779.

This song has wowed people for centuries, and now these 6 guys are here to pump up the tempo and stun you with an even better performance than you’ve ever witnessed. I love this already!

Watch as the cool men stand in a church and then start their noble thing. After this, you’re sure to want to SHARE this with all your friends and family on Facebook. Drop us a comment too!

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