These Clever Monkeys Can Easily Trick You… Watch Out!

Whenever we visit another city as tourists, pickpockets are one of the things we should be aware of. But have you ever feared that monkeys can also take your valuables? You are in for a big surprise below!

You are about to come across human travelers who have lost their valuables and the thieves are none other than some clever monkeys. We know that some animals can steal food, but coming across monkeys who can snatch your electronics, hats, sunglasses and even flip-flops is completely a new one. These creatures have a brilliant reason as to why they steal.

Chris Packham who is an English naturalist teamed up with BBC’s World’s Sneakiest Animals and brought to us the nefarious methods used by these animals. In the series, different tactics that are used by different animals to find food have been covered. Everything has been presented in the clip below and it is one of those moments you will love to watch. At the end of it, you will discover the animal cheats, hustlers and liars you never knew before.

The moment I liked most is when some monkey barkers with Packham. Watching this video left me wondering how intelligent these animals are.

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