These Shoppers Had To Intervene When They Saw A Teen Mistreat Her Mother, Then… Amazing!

I believe most of us had a Sweet Sixteen while growing up. Over the years, the popularity of these right-of-passage parties has grown and a little bit gotten out-of-hand. With that I mean most of the kids out there are expecting a lot from their parents and insist on having these parties according to their wishes. All they want is so have a better party compared to the one of their friends – that means parents will be forced to buy the best decorations, prettiest prom dress as well as arrange for the best activities during that day. That means it is almost impossible for any parent on a tight budget to meet such demands.

The video below is a social experiment which was put across to show the ungrateful behaviors one teen is showing so as to get things done her way by her mom. Those who witnessed it thought it was a real event and they didn’t know that those acting as mom and daughter are performers hired by WWYD.

Please watch the video below and let us know what you think of the behavior.

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