They Are Grieving The Loss Of Their Child, The Cause Will Baffle You!

After a Californian foster family had raised a daughter for four years, they were distressed when the girl was taken away from them. Actually, this Page Family accepted the girl named Lexi to their Santa Clarita home when she was 2 years of age. With six years of age, the authority was taking her out of the only home she knew was hers.

The custody issue came about because of the Federal law. Since Lexi is a natural American by birth, the law named Indian Child Welfare Act, prohibits her from continuing to live with her foster parents. The purpose of this law is to ensure that the kids are raised within their tribe. But when you consider Lexi’s situation, the law is acting unfairly to her. The tribe demanded that their child deserves the best from their community.

But finally, the tribe let Lexi stay with the foster parents till the time when her biological family was to be found. But she will have to relocate from her Santa Clarita home to Utah where her extended family lives so that she would be under the Native law.

She landed at the foster home because her dad was a criminal and her mother had some problems in documented substance abuse.

According to the Page family, Lexi only knows the family and their next step is to take the matter to the California Supreme Court.

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