They Are Out To Record Themselves, Now Watch What Dad Is Up To… WOW!

It means a lot to have a dad – and much more when he is an incredible one! Dads can sometimes decide to do things which can make us happy and sometimes even embarrass us. The dad below is one everyone will love to have and you are about to discover why I said so.

In the clip below, Mike Jones’ daughters were doing some girls’ dance video when he sneakily appeared in the background.  When the hit song starts playing and the girls begin performing their dance moves, the father also tries out some glorious moves. The good thing with this video is that the girls had no idea that their father was also in the background.

It is obvious that these girls thought that they were the real deal in the dance floor, but from the look of things, their dad is way better than them. This moment is enough to show that he must be a really nice dad. He even wants to let the girls know that they can seek for some dancing lessons from him since he dances a little bit for them to watch.

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