They Had A Plan To Make The Bride Dance With Her Dead Dad… Watch What They Did!

One thing that makes any bride scream with joy is the moment she gets to step out into the dance floor and have a go with her dad. But sometimes things don’t turn out exactly how we want them to, and most especially when the loved ones in question are no longer with us.

On her wedding day, Renee was a troubled soul. She wished her dad could be around to dance with her, but he was gone. He had succumbed to cancer a few years back, and that really ate at Renee’s heart. But she had no idea what the other men in her life were planning behind her back, until a song came on and she ended up with really misty eyes!

Turns out, her brother, her father’s best-friend, and her father-in-law had been planning something for her. They each stood to dance with her in her father’s place. She didn’t expect that. What a nice feeling!

You’ve got to watch this clip to feel the love flowing in the room.

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