They Had Their Lesson, And Now They Want To Save You The Agony. You Need This!

As a parent, all you want is the best for your kids. No parent would intentionally put their child in harm’s way, and that’s why you must watch this video. You could save your kid’s life or help someone save their kid’s. Don’t skip this!

It starts with a sad story of Ali and Derek Dodd. This couple lost their child to a case of neglect at a daycare center. Shepard was only 11-weeks-old when a caretaker left him strapped to a car seat in a room. She came back 2 hours later only to find a blue-ish baby. Even the kid’s mom knew what had happened. The even more infuriating part is that the same caretaker had been warned against the vice just a few days before. What a crack-head!

The couple is now carrying out a serious campaign to sensitize everyone about the dangers of putting kids in car seats. Apparently, Shepard had succumbed to suffocation after falling asleep and letting his head go down. Being a kid, his neck wasn’t strong enough to keep the windpipe open.

Please watch this video and learn this, also SHARE this video extensively to educate more people.


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