They Learned That Their Daughter Was Struggling To Accept Their Love, So They Did This. Great!

Julia lived in an orphanage in Russia until an American couple decided to adopt her. Tina Traster and her good hubby took Julia home with them and adopted her as their beloved daughter. They always wanted a kid, and now they had a cute one!

But there was a problem. Julia didn’t seem to show any affection for anyone. She couldn’t even let her mom touch her. The couple was worried. Tina thought she wasn’t doing enough as a mother. She thought it was her fault that she couldn’t connect to her daughter. She was devastated, but that’s before she finally came to learn the truth. Julia was suffering from a Reactive Attachment Disorder, which made her shun any attachments for fear of being rejected.

As the couple came to learn, this condition is common with kids in orphanages in foreign countries. From then on, they understood her better and worked round the clock to get her out of her emotional shell. They succeeded. Tina even had a blog and wrote a book about it. Awesome!

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