They Noticed An Elephant With Purple Paint On His Head. When They Looked Closer… OMG!!

Illegal poaching is an international menace that has led to the decimation of wild animals. Certain species are an easy target for the ignorant and greedy poachers.

In Zimbabwe, one elephant was lucky to survive after being shot in the head. The adult male elephant approached game wardens in a national park in Zimbabwe. Lucky enough, the bullet missed the elephant’s brain by mere centimeters.

The injured elephant walked till it found the wardens. The game stewards sedated him and offered veterinary aid. An x-ray located the lodged bullet and the elephant got a new lease of life after a successful surgery.

The elephant was renamed to Pretty Boy.  The wardens hope the animal recovers fully.

The illegal poaching has created a market worth billions, especially in Asia. They believe some parts of the wild game have medicinal value. Elephants are poached for their tusks.

Several countries are working with international law enforcement to end the barbaric trade. However, they appear to be fighting a losing battle.

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