They Put Their Toddler In Her Crib And Went To Sleep. They Didn’t Know She’s This Religious!

Kathryn is a teacher at a pre-school in South Carolina. She and her hubby, Caleb, have a 2-year-old kid, Sutton. Every night, the couple puts Sutton in her crib and turns on the baby monitor. On one nice night, they did just that. They even made sure to close the doors all so quietly so they wouldn’t wake the little one. Turns out, Sutton, had some business to take care of before tucking in for the night!

Just 2 hours into their bedtime routine, the couple heard some noises on the baby monitor. Kathryn had to get up and get closer to the monitor to grasp the full “concept” of what was going on in the baby’s crib. What the couple heard is too good to believe!

Little Sutton had decided to say a quick prayer for the people in her life. She prays for everyone, including Santa Claus. She even remembers to voice an “Amen” when she’s done. This so heart-touching!

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