They Screamed At Her For Giving Coat To A Homeless. You’ve Got To See Her Reaction!

Veronika Scott is only 24 years-old but she has already started to change people’s lives in her city. She founded The Empowerment Plan a business that help people in need to have an easier life. Her Detroit-based non-profit started after she invented a coat for the homeless which it can be used as a sleeping bag, the coat is also both self-heating and water resistant. One day, Veronika was trying out a prototype of her coat but she get yelled at by a woman living in the homeless shelter, telling her that they are in need of jobs more than jackets. It was then that she decided to hire homeless woman in shelters for full time jobs. The coats that they produce are given to other homeless. We really need a LOT more people like Veronika.

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