They Thought A Girl Couldn’t Do It, Now Her Doubters Are Dumbfounded – WOW!

What is your favorite music instrument?

Music is a universal language despite the different musical styles and instruments. Music makes us human.

One amazing girl from Pigeon Forge, in Tennessee, is the real deal. When you watch her playing the banjo, she blows your mind away.

Willow Osborne, the 11-year old girl, is a gifted banjo player and the youngest and talented bluegrass musician. Willow started playing the banjo at 3 when her parents took her to a concert. Since then, Willow has learned to play the difficult instrument. She is attending an online class and practices as often as possible in the bid to hone her skills.

Willow hopes to learn new music genres. People love listening to her, and her videos have attracted a throng of fans. Willow’s fans have nothing but kind words and positive reviews.

Watch the talented player and bluegrass singer in action. We wish her all the best.

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