They Thought Their Inappropriate Question Could Harass The Teacher. His Response? I LOVE it!

If you have always had “that” perspective towards teachers, meeting Taylor Mali will change it forever. Here, he’s being asked what a teacher makes and he goes on and gives the ultimate explanation. His response is so intense such that I can feel it down my spine. He goes on and reveals the many hours they dedicate into their hard work doing everything with a pure heart while expecting positive results. He makes me realize that the future generation is dependent on the kind of teachers we have. Young minds are inspired by the teachers to make the world we live in better.

He is a New York based teacher who at the same time doubles as a remarkable poet. To be exact, a slam poet. When you’re a slam poet, you are expected to come up with original content on the spot and compete with other poets for the same. From the look of things, Mali is not misplaced in his career.

The way Mali looks at life, coupled with his funny, outstanding wit makes us learn the value of having teachers within our society. They’re truly a joy to have!

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