They Took Kids Into A Room And Asked Them Personal Questions. The Answers Will Shock You!

Is our civilization doomed? Is the society broken beyond repair? What exactly is going wrong in our planet? Could it be that we’re responsible for fueling the fires?

Sometimes you stop to think about the many different races on Earth. You think of the various skin colors of the people and you wonder whether that’s the only difference that’s dividing us. The experiment shown in this video isn’t really a deciding factor, but a pointer to a more deeper-lying problem.

In the video, you get to watch these kids as they’re brought into a room, and then each kid is presented with two dolls – one light skinned and one darker skinned. The little ones are then asked to point out which of the two dolls they find ugly. They may be just kids, but their answers are truly interesting and of importance. You must want to watch this video right now!

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