They Took So Long To Open The Box. What They Released? My Heart Skipped A Beat!

Curiosity and tension build as the guys from IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare) are about to release a rare animal species in the world – a Siberian tiger. IFAW had rescued “Zolushka” while she was still a cab and rehabilitated her with the aim of letting her go back to the wild someday. The long awaited day has finally come, but she had to wait for the faulty door mechanism to work for her freedom to be guaranteed.  When finally the cage’s door opens, she beautifully springs into the wilderness; east Russian wilderness to be exact!

As revealed by IFAW within the video, there are few Siberians out there. In fact, their number is lower than 400. That makes Zolushka’s release quite significant to the human and animal kingdom. We felt so privileged to witness such a release and saw it good to share it with you. Organizations like IFAW have to be given some credit for preserving some of these rare animals.

Is this the first time you are learning something about Siberians? What are your thoughts about this epic release?

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