They Want To Take Out A Serious Message, And This Is How Best They Do It. WOW!

No matter how well and seriously the message is brought out, some people just won’t get it. Take an example of all those road accidents caused by people whole ignore traffic rules and start texting and calling on their phones while still on the wheel. How serious can things get for everyone to take notice and stop the carnage?

Well, the New Zealand Transport Agency has now decided to present the message in a more amicable manner. They figured that may be most people are missing the point in the ads campaigning against texting while driving because they’re usually too serious and almost stern. Now what’s in this cool video here is another nice way to finally drive the point home. What if we decided to look out for each other? Exactly!

In the video, you have 2 guys in the front cabin of a car, and what’s going to happen between is the message. It might seem a little awkward at first, but that’s before you grasp its real meaning. This is about to go viral!

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