They Were Born With Infant Cancer, But Then Something Happened… It Must Be Divine!

How happy would any couple be if they could just bring forth some twins? Very happy, you say? That’s exactly the feeling Alyssa and Michael Dunn had when they received Madeleine and Isabella into this world. It was a moment of happiness, but then something threatened to brush it all off.

As the doctors ran some tests, they discovered a swelling on Madeleine’s belly. It was a shock. The doctors knew what that meant. The little baby had cancer. And then they checked Isabella. More bad news!

The couple was broken down. But all was not lost, though. The kids were put under a medical procedure to receive chemotherapy. It was painful for the little ones, and not even their parents could bear to touch them. After sometime, the doctors decided to re-unite the two. That’s when it happened!

As soon as they saw each other, the kids started laughing and playing. The pain was gone. It was so well, they even got discharged to continue with their treatment at home. After sometime, there was no swelling at all. They had been saved. This was a real miracle!

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