They’ll Act, Sing And Dance, And You Won’t Believe This Until You See Them Do It!

Back in the day, most of the great ‘watchable’ movies were all musicals, and we miss them.

What I’m saying?

For a great musical to accomplish its noble purpose of giving us something cool to watch, the people featured must be good actors, good singers and can pull moves. That’s what the concept of “triple threat” stands for. That means that only the best of the best are good for the screen. Now, if you’re wondering who’s good in all this stuff, you might want to remember a few cute things about the Ross Sisters.

The Ross Sisters hit our screens and stayed there for quite a while, and now this clip will revive that spark in you that drives you to the floor. These ladies can do three things at a time, and do it perfectly.

You just have to watch this video to back up the fact that these ladies really rocked our days. But now we have videos like these to freshen up the memories and beat the nostalgia. Great!

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