They’re Doing “Call Me Maybe” In A War Zone, And It’s Really Working. Must Watch!

Imagine you’re a soldier deployed in a conflict zone, you know that you have to be on high alert every millisecond of your day, every day.

In such a situation, boredom can weigh you down, given that the only think you do in the camp is getting your weapons ready for an exchange of fire with possible enemy combatants. But that doesn’t mean a soldier should lead a stressful life, and that’s why troops have always found a way to get off the steam even as they put their lives in line to fight for the nation’s interests.

One good video of smart soldiers has surfaced, and it’s making waves. These two guys were deployed to Afghanistan. The two cool guys realized that YouTube was their good friend in steaming off, so they decided to put themselves before the camera and do something both morale-boosting and outright hilarious.

And it appears that “Call Me Maybe,” a hit song by Carly Rae Jepson, is doing great among the US troops. These guys had a really cool idea, and it’s the one moment that could come to play the part of a great memory when they went home.

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