They’re The Best, Even When They Take On Songs Like This One. Impressive!

Home Free is perhaps one of the most popular music groups we’ve around. This a capella group has been on the rise to fame and greatness for so long that they’ve now become almost a household name across the country. They love what they do, and they’re really good at it!

In fact, these 5 guys are so good at their singing that they ended up bagging the top prizes at the “Sing-Off” and other countless singing competitions – including the NBC Talent Show. They’re good!

This time around, the five smart people from Minnesota have decided to take on one of the loveliest gospel songs ever, “How Great Thou Art,” and you’re going to be in love with their version. With their melodic voices, coupled up by some background rhythmic sounds and a continuous tempo, you can bet this is going to be the best rendition ever done of this great song. The visual setting, too, can’t go unnoticed.  I’m already in love!

I just couldn’t help joining them in the singing, and I’m pretty sure you won’t hold back too. Check this out and allow yourself to fall in love with this great performance. You’ll need to SHARE this with all your buddies right now!

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