They’re Waiting For The Bride’s Walk To The Altar, And Then This Flower Girl Decides To Steal The Show. I’m Down!

You’ve been to weddings, and you know what goes on there. There are always nice bites and drinks circulating, and you might have swallowed a few glasses of wine too. Things can turn messy sometimes, which adds some ‘flavor’ to the occasion, besides the beaming bride and the bridegroom. But what if one little lady decides to steal the show at its early stages?

There was this wedding where the nephew and the niece of the bride were supposed to hold hands and walk to the aisle together. However, things quickly went south when the little gentleman somehow happened to piss off the little lady, which led to the lady reciprocating the favor in a very public way.

Everyone in the church had to turn their heads when the lady started a public condemnation of the little man’s unbecoming behavior, and you’ll agree that she quite got the attention of the audience. The whole church almost went down in a loud roar!

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