This 98-Year-Old Is Determined To Change The Stigma That Senior Citizens Face. Watch!

Meet Evelyn, she is 98 years old and lives in a retirement home. Just like the other senior citizens, the society wrote her off as “too old.” Despite her advanced age, Evelyn can do what most young people can do. She lives a healthy and active lifestyle with the help of her driver’s license. Her license was withdrawn simply because someone thought she was old. It was not because she had a record of bad driving. Taking a license away took away her sense of independence.

Evelyn heard that the retirement community bus that took seniors to the grocery story was canceled. Cancellation of the bus affected her friend Joyce who entirely depended on that bus. The soft-spoken Joyce made Evelyn take a bold step.

The brave old woman went to DMB to re-take her driver’s license. Luckily for her, she got it back. The vow she made to her friend had to be fulfilled.

Evelyn drove Joyce to the grocery store making life easier. At least Joyce did not have to find a new retirement home.

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