This Abusive Teacher Was Caught Scolding Aggressively His Student. In The End, He Got Exactly What He Deserved!!

Teachers are nowadays getting a lot of criticism since they take a big role of guiding and leading the future generation. Their job is absolutely no easy task and they should be praised because of their hard efforts. However, we can’t say that all teachers are perfect and deserve all the respect, some of them are not fit to their jobs and don’t represent the role model we want for our children. For example, the teacher in the video below.

A Russian student who was attending an English class caught his teacher berating a classmate in front of the class. The teacher was acting so unprofessional while he asked rudely the little girl to read the words written on the blackboard. It is unclear to understand all what he was saying but one thing is clear – No child should be treated in this way, not their teachers, family or friends. I’m glad that he got what he deserved in the end. Watch how the girl reacted to her teacher’s abuse.

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