This Ad Just Went Viral For One Nice Reason, And You Want To Know About It. I’m Touched!

If you know anything in Japan, you’ll agree that a large number of Japanese married women are mostly stay-at-home moms who concentrate on just raising their kids and building their families. When you cross over to the US, you find that most moms don’t quit their jobs after marriage, so they go on with their professional lives while still catering for family needs.

Cybozu,good Software Company, decided to pay some tribute to the great mothers on planet Earth, so they came up with an excellent ad that reflects the real situations facing working moms. In the video, a mom has akid, but her hubby isn’t of much support in the family, so she’s still the one that gets the kid from the daycare when the child is sick, and that’s amid her hectic working day that leaves her drained and almost frustrated.

But all is not lost. As the mom goes about attending to her child’s needs, the kid asks her one question that changes everything. This left me tearing up.

Please watch and SHARE this. It’s so touching!


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