This Baby Did The Unthinkable In The Middle Of The Night. Oh My!

Before you go on, just know that this video has already been viewed over 2 million times over the last few days. The reason? You’ll drop for this!

It’s a video of a little kid pulling off an impossible stunt in the middle of the night, something that you won’t really believe. The child’s name is Connor, and what he did in his crib one night has left people dumbfounded. Others have even dug up some crazy theories about it!

It’s in the wee hours of the night, and Connor is comfortably sleeping in his crib. Then at one point, the little human gets up and climbs on top of one of the rails of his crib and proceeds to balance himself there for some time before he falls back and screams. I mean, is that a baby doing that at night?!

The video was captured by a nanny cam installed in the room. Most people can’t believe this. Some even claim to have seen a ghost leaving his body right before he fell back. Some say his eyes are glowing suspicious!

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