This Boy Never Expected To Get This For Being Rude To A Stranger!

It is generally accepted when a child reacts in a disrespectful way, but when his mother is present, one would expect her to interfere to show the child that he is doing something wrong. This is a video about a man in the queue line waiting his turn in a grocery shop, then a child, accompanied with his mother, kept ramming the shopping cart on purpose over and over on his legs. While all this was happening, the mother of the child didn’t react to show her son that he is doing something wrong. The man after asking his mother to stop her son from being disrespectful, couldn’t stand the kid’s misbehavior and did the most unexpected thing ever! I couldn’t believe it!!

Some people think this video is staged but it sure gives a perfect example that kids must be respectful and well mannered.

What do you think? Do you think the reaction of the man is justified? or did he reacted in the wrong manner?

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