This Cat Was Sick And Terrified When She Was Rescued… Her Transformation Made Me Cry!

Somebody had abandoned this little kitty by the roadside when she was aged four weeks. She was in a very bad condition when she was rescued and taken to Istanbul Vet. The worms had dealt with her; they had completely cut off one ear, part of her tongue and lips were also gone. Just a look at her was enough to leave the workers horrified and they went on and nicknamed her “Joker.” After some time, they named her Gülümser which in Turkish means smiles.

Despite being in a terrible state, she had enough within her to fight for her life. She has been able to go through a lot of transformations from the time she was brought in up to now. This video contains images that show the various stages of her transformation. Since day one, they have always showered her with love and the kind of care she always missed. Watching this video will make you learn the role love has to play in this world. Though you may not see her beauty outwardly, the kind of fight she had been to put in to ensure she survives is enough to depict it.

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