This Couple Was Spotted On A Kiss Cam, But What The Guy Did Left The Whole Audience In Stitches! LOL!

Many sports teams tend to have intermission activities so that they can keep their fans entertained when there’s no action. “Kiss Cam” is one of those activities where the camera scans the crowd and selects a couple who is then invited to kiss one another. Sometimes it could be nice and sweet if a couple was caught on The kiss cam, but surely not with this couple.

In this video, the man and the woman were seemed not pleased when the kiss cam caught them. Although they didn’t kiss, the camera still won’t get away from them. When crowd started to urging them to kiss, the man pulled out a paper from the pocket in his jacket and when he showed it, everyone in the arena burst out laughing! Watch to find out what the paper revealed!

What do you think of this video? Do you find this man’s solution is brilliant or he could have just given his sister a kiss on her cheek?

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