This Cutie Is Not In The Best Condition, But What She Did On A Special Day Left Me Breathless. Watch This!

Sometimes, a child affected by a rare condition might feel out of place from the others, given that some of those others may not have a good understanding of her. Even some adults sometimes act mean to these kids. But not all of these children living with a syndrome are helpless, and here is the proof!

Here is Rilee, a 5-year-old who has Achondroplasia. During the Dwarfism Awareness Month that run through last October, Rilee did something that everyone is still talking about.

This young lady came up with a great video to raise awareness about dwarfism, and it such a good one. In fact, I watched it more times than one!

This video was created almost a year ago, and it’s already garnered over 3 million views. This girl did something really big.

Watching this cute lady in this video made me decide that dwarfism should not be used as an excuse to isolate anyone on this good planet. Everyone is worthy.

Watch this clip and be touched.  Tell us what you think of it and also SHARE it with your Facebook friends too and help spread the awareness.


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