This Dancing Group Performed A Spectacular Dancing Routine That Left Many Speechless!

There are many videos online about rhythmic gymnasts, but the following clip is of its own kind because of their unique dancing routine.

The dance routine demonstrated in the clip below started back in the 1700s by Jean-Georges Noverre. The dance was used to portray the feelings of the dancers by their body movements.

But with time, Peter Henry Ling got the original dance of Noverre and converted it to the contemporary performance that is shown in the video below.

The clip lasts 3 minutes and in it we witness a men’s dance group making the dancing style appear to be easy, while in the real sense, rhythmic dancing in groups is complicated. Just the body motion is a complex task, more so when it comes to marching it with all the group members. In the clip, the men manage to do the dance style in unison with no one falling out of the expected.

It is surely an amazing sight to see, as their dance routine will leave you staring in disbelief.

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