This Dog Was Eagerly Waiting For Her Piano Time. I Was Floored By What She Did Next!

There was something unique in Sadie, a border collie and a German shepherd when she was adopted back in 2009 from an animal shelter. The 6-year-old dog was smart and always liked learning new tricks.

Here, her owner was playing the piano when she showed some talent that left everyone shocked. Though she is not the only pooch in the world who is passionate with a piano, it’s hard for her skills to go unnoticed. At the 0:12 mark she made some mistake which made her exhibit some humanly actions. Her mistake is forgivable, since it’s hard to avoid making mistakes while playing musical instruments.

I believe with a bit of training, Sadie will be able to come up with her own tunes and operas. I’m pretty sure her expressiveness and intelligence makes her to be loved. You will surely give her a standing ovation if you’re patient enough to watch until the 0:25 mark.

We have to thank her owner for being very supportive and nurturing the dog’s friend. This is enough to show us that with some care and love, our furry friends can bring happiness in our families.

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