This Fox Is Unbelievable! What Happens When They Feed Him? So Funny!

This clip introduces us to an amazing red fox named Loki. Surprisingly, this fox is treated as any puppy!

Loki lives in Redding, California within the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The park occupies a three hundred acre size of land and it is a home for different animals present in the magnificent redwood forest.

In this reserve, one is not allowed to feed any animal but Loki is an exception. This shows us he is somehow different from others. When the animal handler feeds Loki through the gate, he gets excited and jumps in joy. This is totally cool!

Most people do not know how high the foxes can jump. Additionally, not all are aware that they can be tamed. I am sure this is quite a surprise to many individuals. The fox’s home resembles the set up one would find in any natural habitats. Loki behaves in the same way a house pet behaves.

Do you really believe how pretty and cute this fox is? This makes me long to spend some time with him at the forest!

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