This Girl Put The Jerky Audience In Their Place. I Wept!

Sometimes, real people can be real jerks and more so when you happen to have a singer on stage and the audience boos her! Now, that’s the story of Shiane Hawke.

Here we have a 14 year old lady trying her luck on the X Factor in Australia. Shiane Hawke does her great thing on stage, only for the judges and the crowd to show her the other side of “impressed” as she makes her way from the big stage! From the gestures and even facial expressions on the people, judges and the crowd, they were just waiting to see her break down. They even throw some jeers and smirks at her!

And that’s when the beat came on!

But Shiane Hawke could have taken the whole thing to another level if she had just said something very sensitive and left the stage with the damn microphone dropped on the floor! She could have sang it to the last beat and then let them all know how they made her feel!

Maybe that would have made them all snap back and realize how grossly they had behaved. Shaine is just great!

Watch this video and comment what you think of it.

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