This Guy Decided To Pull Off A Secret Social Experiment. The Results Are Jaw-Dropping!

It’s true that homelessness is a huge menace in this good country. Homeless people depend on favors from others to survive. Now, you’re about to see the other side of most people. Unbelievable!

One man decided to do a social experiment to determine how and what makes people help the homeless. You would think that a person with some money wouldn’t give it out to a homeless guy who wants to buy alcohol with it. You’ll be surprised!

Being a smart guy, he made two different signs: One explaining that he’s homeless and needs money to buy alcohol, and another one explaining that he’s a homeless father of a little girl who he needs to support. The results are as funny as they’re heart-breaking!

Turns out, people will drop some dollars for a homeless drunk than for a homeless dad. The man has a hidden camera that captures all this. The heartwarming moment comes when a lady walks over to talk to the guy when he put the second sign. The lady is compassionate and wants to help the guy and his family. The man had to let her into his little secret about the experiment. He even gave her more money than she was giving out!

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