This Guy Was Being Rude To An Autistic Child. Wait Til You See How People Reacted! WOW!

“What would you do?” is a television show that captures the reactions of people faced with high-tension situations. In the show, actors act out scenes of conflict or illegal activity in public to focus whether or not bystanders step up and intervene.

In this episode, an actor disguised as a restaurant customer gets mad at an autistic child and his family who are also actors. During the scenario, the actor keeps criticizing the family for bringing out their child in public and letting him to “misbehave” at the table while everyone is trying to eat. 

Fortunately, other customers stood up on the child’s side. It’s really amazing to see how much great the human sympathy can be in strangers. This heartwarming video is a true proof that people can look for each other everywhere when someone is treated unfairly. What would you do if you came across a situation similar to this? Let us know in the comments!

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