This Horse Was Injured And About To Die Until They Came Along… WOW!

Having closed for the end year holidays, someone called Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division, to report the death of a horse. When they went there on a Friday, they were shocked to find the horse alive but seriously injured. The owner never verified if it was dead and left it trapped in barbed wire and the dogs had taken the opportunity and eaten his ears leaving several wounds all over the body and face.

The owner never took the burden of the veterinary costs after being briefed that his horse was alive, instead he handed the animal over to OKC-AWD, which paved way for the Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue to take action. Natalee Cross wrote on a fundraising page to support his rehabilitation that if Rudy the horse had the fighting heart to survive, then they surely will fight with him in order to offer him the second chance that he deserves.

On the fund raising day to help Rudy, the Blaze’s tribute had the goal of raising $8,000, but the public surprised them when they raised $20,000 for all his needs. This donation is intended to cater for Rudy’s full recovery and also to support other 136 horses in their hands.

From there, he was taken for treatment and he has showed positive results. The wounds are healing. The last post of Blaze’s Tributes Facebook page portrays him taking cool air outside. Only one leg which is bandaged hinders him from playing with other horses.

For his recovery updates, you can follow him on the Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Facebook page.

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