This Is A Touching Story That Will Make you Both Teary And Inspired. Great!

When his mom gave birth to him, this guy missed a right hip and leg. But Carl and Jeanine, his parents, don’t see that way. In their opinion, Nico Calabria was special son who was born with a left leg. Inspiring!

These parents played a great role in Nico’s life, as they persisted to offer him comfort and nurture his strong personality even when he was almost breaking down, so he grew up knowing he could do anything he set about to.

In high school, Nico Calabria was a great wrestler. He also learned gymnastics. At age 13, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in a drive to $100,000 for charity. Great!

However, Nico was more moved by soccer, and when a video of his goal was posted online, it went viral and made him such a great sensation!

This guy became so great that even Powerade wanted him in a commercial, and despite the fact that he can’t participate in the World Cup, his commercial aired in 2014 during the FIFA World Cup. He also represented the US in the Amputee Football World Cup competitions.

This video captures Nico’s journey of his life. It’s such an inspiration, and you just can’t miss it!

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