This Is Ellen Dressed In Luminous Yellow As A Kid, Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Our childhood is always filled with amazing memories of what we used to do for fun and just what our normal character was like. There are few things that make us happy as getting to know that part of our life where we did stuff without really understanding what was happening or why we really were doing them. Unfortunately, there are very few of us who have films of stuff we did when we were kids.

Those of us who were lucky or fortunate enough, our parents took lots of photos of us while we grew up. That was the case with Ellen when she was a kid. She did not know that her mother had kept many of the photos that were taken when she was a kid. In the video below, you get to see those photos and her reaction when mom finally reveals them to her. She looks at one of the photos closely and spots something. Watch the video to see what she spotted.

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