This Is What The Two Plates Were Used To Do… This Is Really Impressing!

Cherry tomatoes are many people’s favorite. Though that statement holds, not all the time one can find those who love the treat taking it. It’s always quite tedious cutting them and when prepared, a lot of mess is left around. The innards and juices which can easily squirt everywhere are enough to discourage one from bearing the pain of preparing them. All that is likely to change if you consider learning the ninja way of doing things!

Making use of this trick does not need you to look any further from what you have around you. With some sharp serrated knife and some two plates, carrying out this kitchen hack can be done. You will be surprised by the less time you will be taking to halve the cherry tomatoes. In fact, dozens of slices can be halved in a matter of seconds.

Do not restrict yourself to using this tip when coming up with cherry tomatoes. You can also use it to come up with Sungold tomatoes, grapes, cherries and pitted olives. With this, saving on time is possible when a large quantity is required for a certain recipe or salad.

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