This Is Why Irish Dancers Are Highly Rated, These Ones Stole The Show!

You can expect to see a flash mob at ceremonies but not at the airport. Back in August 2013, all the passengers that were ready to fly out or arriving at Ireland’s Dublin Airport, had surprises they never expected or thought of. To start their trip all over Ireland, this group named Take The Floor, teamed up with Riverdance decided to offer flash mob surprises to all the passengers at the airport.

This group of well-organized young dancers, walked in rows down the escalator. With only seeing this, someone needs no other indication that something somewhere was about to cook. Seconds never passed from the time they appeared at the escalators, for these Irish dancers to fill the whole airport terminal. Then came the best part, as they started to dance their unique routine to the Boega music. What a perfect dance to this original music that surely stunned the whole airport and made everyone happy!

Even though people are very much committed at the airports tying to meet with all the traveling issues which are quite stressful, but this group really relaxed them a lot and made their day!

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