This Kid Was Humiliated At School And Sent Home After Dying Her Hair

Have you ever been bullied in school by your teachers? Well that might be one of the worst things that can happen to you. Teachers are supposed to be role models and parents at the same time. They guide students not just academically, but socially as well. They help them to learn to grown up in a manner that they will command respect in the society. It is with that in mind that sometimes teachers go overboard and do stuff that can be considered to be bullying. Such was the case in the video below when a teen got kicked out of school.

Rylee Mackay is always keen not to break any school rules. On this day, while preparing to go back to school, she decided to dye her hair brown. School regulations require that the hair should not be dyed in colors that not depict the natural growth of hair. The school told her not to come the following day because, according to them, under the sun, the hair looked like it had a purple tint. In other words, she was going to miss classes because the administration thought the hair had a tint when the sun shone on it.

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