This Little Karate Kid Made Me Speechless When She Recited The Whole Karate Dogma. Amazing!

In the beginning of this year, a clip was uploaded by Premier Martial Arts Leeds, which featured the smallest and youngest student reciting their doctrine.

Sophie, the three-year-old student, took many by surprise on the social media. You will be amazed when you watch the clip below, as you will see this little girl declaring herself to the martial arts.

After being uploaded on YouTube, it only took a couple of days to get more than 10,000,000 views, meaning that many people around the world were really moved with this little girl’s declaration.

People love martial arts from kids to grownups because they get to learn how to defend themselves and stay physically fit. Apart from making you become fit, martial arts also helps you to be a person who is patient, full of courtesy, respect and self-control.

The clip received many comments, including parents that were asking where they would take their kids to learn Taekwondo, since they saw the ability that Sophie was portraying.

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