This Little Kitten Is Being Bullied By A Dog. When You See What Her Mom Did, You Will Be Stunned!

Although Belle is a sweet tiny kitten, she isn’t afraid of being alone especially near a “giant” barking dog.

While their mom was away, Belle and Jacques, two fluffy kittens, were left on their own. Jacques was wandering around and Belle was left napping alone. When Pucci the dog approached her to have some fun time, Belle made it clear that she isn’t in the mood to play. Apparently, Pucci didn’t expect such courage to come from something so tiny. He looked frightened as he jumped on the couch and hid his head in the pillows. What a big role switch! After a while, mom arrived to rescue her two lovely kittens and took them upstairs where it is safer. Would allow to leave your kittens with your dog?

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