This “Lucy” Clip Was Too Hilarious To Make It To Television. This Is Why!

Lucy has that “character” that makes me like her so much. She constantly loves getting into trouble and when she does, hardly can you fail to notice the funny part of it. This actor made her debut back in 1951 and that kicked-started a journey of real comedy.

She has featured in different shows like: The Andy Griffith show, The Honeymooners and Bonanza. In all those shows, she has been able to show her outstanding brilliance and make her liked by many lovers of comedy. She has served as an inspiration to many and as a result female-led shows such as Veep, Parks and Recreation, The Golden Girls and Murphy Brown have been given birth to.

Here, she is involved in a funny kind of relationship that features one thick-accented Cuban and a zany redhead. Everything about this way of relating is quite hysterical and not many could have managed to bring out the funny part of it as she does within this clip. It’s all about a clash between two cultures with some comedy involved. It never made it to air since it’s funny side was too much for Desi to handle as he is heard saying “Oh, fine!”

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