This Man Has A “Heart Of Gold,” His Act Made Me Cry!

The video below is a social experiment which was carried out with the aim of finding out who cares most. I’m pretty sure you will get surprised with the turn of events as you watch the video below. It is about a man who pretended that he had a flat tire and parked his car on the roadside. He waited for many hours to be offered help but no one was willing to do so. That was the case until a man showed up.

The man who was willing to offer help was a man whose home had been burned up. He also got burns during the fire. Though the man had little to give as help, it is surprising to learn that it is those who have gone through a lot of suffering that are ready to help and care most. You just have to watch the video below to understand that better!

I was highly touched by this video since it is evident that the man is still in pain but still cares for those in need. This is what I call having a golden heart. I like it when they decide to buy him some games and a play station so that they can provide him with what he loves.

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