This Miniature Horse Acts Like A Dog, But You’re Going To Fall For Him After Watching This Video!

When Acer came into this world, there’re many people who would have opted to put him down, but one Maureen O’Sulivan had other ideas.

Acer happens to be one of the few horse dwarves we have on our planet, but he’s more special in that he’s the dwarf among dwarves. Whereas the ordinary dwarf stands higher than two feet, Acer has mere 22-inches of height.

Acer lives with his owner at her Miniature Horse Farm within Corringham in Essex, and Maureen even lets him roam about the home. The funnier thing is that Acer thinks of himself as more of a dog than a horse, and you’ll find him having a good time playing with the family’s black Labrador, all happy and charming.

And people love Acer. When Maureen walks him around, people stop them to have some time with the little cute animal, and it’s really great. In fact, as the owner puts it, Acer sometimes serves as a therapy pet. I like that.

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