This “Miracle Plant” Has Been Around For 19 years, The Secret Behind Its Survival Is Unbelievable!

Back in 1996, Maxine became the winner of a contest and as a result was given a poinsettia plant as a gift for the festive season. That happened on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, she got a heart attack 3 days later and died. Since that time, the poinsettia plant has been kept by Frankie (her heartbroken husband.)

As revealed by, it is possible for a poinsettia plant that is healthy to survive for several months when kept inside. As we speak, the one of Frankie has been around for 2 decades. The “miracle plant,” has not only astonished Frankie, but also his family and friends as well as plant specialist within Hallifax, Nova Scotia (his hometown.) The plant stand at around 5 feet tall and its weight is over 100 pounds.

Whenever Frankie looks at the blossoming plant, he is reminded of his wife in a beautiful way. It is like she is still with him in the house.

Though frank happens to be a wonderful gardener, he believes that it is the spirit of Maxine that assists the poinsettia plant to grow. He doesn’t have any plans of getting rid of the plant.

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