This Movie Highlights The True Struggles Faced By Deaf People. Must Watch!

One thing for sure is that as much as some people may have impairments, it surely doesn’t make them any less of humans. Such can be said of all the deaf, dumb and the like. These are still our brothers and sisters who need our love and attention. We love them!

However, sometimes these people may be faced with some hurdles in the course of their daily lives. These twins, Ashley and Alyssa Doyle, know what that means. The two are deaf, but that doesn’t get their creativity any less. In fact, they’ve decided to write and act a film to spread awareness about the daily bullying faced by deaf people.

These two face much every day. Some people get pissed off when they see the twins communicating in public or sitting together having a silent moment. It takes understanding and compassion for the two to live through days, and they’ve made it so far.

Now they want to let the whole world know about this, to let people understand them and be fair to them. This video is just so touching. I love them!

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