This Newscaster Cries Live On Television. The Reason? I’m In Tears Too!

There are certain subjects and stories which have a great effect on the audience. The individuals listening will never realize it coming. Anyway, there is a feature or report on the TV which may strike a chord in the audience and arouse an emotional response. I have encountered such incidents when I am listening to other reports.

In this clip, we see a newscaster who was really touched while he was reporting about the effect of music in retirement homes. This anchor was touched by the story and he realized that the subject was involving him. He was really moved until he shed tears.

Such stories can get the best of someone and eventually cause him or her to cry. This anchor recalled the memories of his dad and the story had a very close connection to his earlier experience of life. He started thinking about his father, especially how he loved him. He felt as if the dad had died a few minutes ago. He never wanted to lose his dad since he really loved him.

I was touched when I saw this video.

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